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Creating an Animation

2008-08-14 01:56:32 by Saxodormat

It's not going so well, but I am determended to make one befoere summer ends. Or I'll try my best. Any information, link to tutorials, or flash tips would be more than helpful.

I guess right now because of my many years of experience of Newgrounds outside of this account, I am a critiquer. I think I'm very good at reviewing and almost always know what I'm talking about. But there is still the little fact that I've never even actually submitted anything that makes the comment less.... agreeable I guess.

I'm defetently not going to end up like one of those 13 year old kids who do very crappy sprite mario flashes that can only be passed when submitted at 11:00 at night. I think every begginer should start out with regular animating. Although spriting looks much easier, from my attempts, I believe that people who start out with animating can become much better spriters.

Am i going to turn out to be an animatior or a spriter? I'm not really sure, I'll let fate deside that. That... and what Newgrounds likes beter. :P

Creating an Animation


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2008-09-04 22:50:36

lol your face